Free4faucet has closed!

Our fun journey has came to an end :(

I mentioned over 3 months ago that Free4faucet was going to close - I've finally made that decision that I'm going to close this website. Times are hard and changes needed to be made.

This website has meant alot to me and was one of my first websites I made, Through this website I learned alot as a programmer.

It has been a fun ride and I hope you will come across some future projects

- B (aka Thekingajew)

Other Projects;

A social rewards network - Socialize with members from other websites, search the forum or share your own ideas.

Visit Free4later

Contract-Miner is a bitcoin based browser game. Create contracts to earn rewards.

Visit Contract-Miner

Our very own ad-network. One of the cheapest bitcoin advertising platforms.

Visit AdBitty

Powerful image sharing platform - Upload, store and share images. It's super easy.

Visit ImageIT